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Guilherme Martins, commonly known as Rdein is the main creator of the Momodora games.

Guilherm is Brazilian and has a Bachelor's Degree in Animation Design. He's a self-described "game developer" and "artist", and publishes both Visual art and music. Rdein is also head of a development group called Bombservice known for creating the Momodora games.

He has also published other games besides Momodora, namely Minoria, a spiritual successor of Momodora, and Bunny Swordmaster Story, a simple platformer game.


Bombservice's logo

Bombservice is a Brazilian development studio focused on developing games inspired by classics from the 80's and 90's. It was made, and is directed, by rdein, who self-published the first three Momodora games.

As of now, the group has officially released five different games which you can find on their website.

As of 2015 Bombservice consists of:

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and his art is available on his Dropbox page