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Olho is a recurring enemy in the Momodora series which appears in the first two games.

Momodora I[]


Olho is a common enemy in Momodora I. They can be first found a bit before getting the Karst Gatling.

They only move by jiggling in the air and attack by quickly shooting three times in a row. There is a bit of waiting time between the shots.

The waiting period is shorter than the time it takes to kill it using the Karst Gatling. Keep that in mind if you are using that weapon against it.

​​​​​Momodora II[]


In Momodora II, Olhos can only be found in Ivory Netherworld, usually accompanying a Flying Bakman, who acts as a tank while the Olho attacks.

They make small circles around a place (just like in the first game) and attack by charging a green shot for a few seconds and then shooting it towards Momo.

The green shot does two hearts of damage (enough to insta-kill at full health, if the player didn't collect any Love Letters up to that point).


They only take three hits with the Paper Seals or one hit by either of the Leafs to defeat.