Enemies Edit

Note: Some enemy names aren't accurate (marked with an *). Please update the list if you know the official names.

Enemy Name Description Location Attacks
Oko Jr. & Oglop Eye box that travels along a set path Ishlith Shrine Touch Damage
Bakman Mini bakrog with a red scarf Ishlith Shrine, Artemisia's Grave Throws BAK.
Spider* Cute spider that hangs out in Ishlith Ishlith Shrine Touch Damage
Tomato Goblin* Small red ball. Hostile if you invade it's territory Ishlith Shrine Attacks with a sword (branch?).
Ghost Fish* Immobile ghost of a fish Old Madryn Spits 3 projectiles that do damage on impact.
Shy Ghost Fish* A shy Ghost of a fish that only moves when not being looked at Old Madryn Damages on contact.
Bouncy Ghost Fish Bombs* Ghost fish that bounces around Old Madryn Explode when in vicinity.
Star Bakrog Wizard* Floating Bakrog Wizard Old Madryn, Hell Shoots stars that deal damage on impact.
Yellow Knight* A knight draped in all yellow attire. Carries a spear/polearm. Dim Hideout Swings polearm/spear which does damage on impact.
Square Eye* Square eye enclosed in spikes that fall on unsuspecting travelers. Dim Hideout Touch Damage
Bakrog Spearman* Invincible. Pokes spear in set intervals from above. Dim Hideout Spear does damage on impact.
Wacky Inflatable White Demon Mushroom* Fungi at parties. Dim Hideout Touch Damage
Tomato Goblin Brute* Large tomato goblin. Carries a club. Dim Hideout Charges at player and swings club which deals damage on impact.
Red Lady Bug* Giant red lady bug that's hostile for some reason. Belltower Garden Touch Damage
Golden Lady Bug* Rare lady bug. Just as squishy as the red ones. Belltower Garden Touch Damage
Fire Pipe Plant* Over-grown plant that spits fire Belltower Garden Fire does damage on contact
Flower Nymph* Cute little monster plant girl. Might be playing with you and doesn't know its own strength. Kills you with love. Belltower Garden Digs underground and pops up underneath you dealing touch damage. Summons hearts that deal damage on impact.
Bakrog Bombthrower* Upgraded weapon cache Artemisia's Grave Throws explosives that deal damage if caught in the explosion radius.
Red Cape Demon Charger* Demon draped in a red cape. Charges at player. Hell Touch Damage
Red Cape Demon Bomber* Demon draped in a red cape. Runs away from player. Hell Retreats while throwing explosives that deal damage if caught in the explosion radius.
Triple Star Bakrog Wizard* Throws 3 stars in succession at the cost of speed. Hell Stars do damage on impact

Non Hostile Monsters Edit

Monster Name Description
Pink Bouncy Slime* Pink slime blob. Jumping on it launches you in the air
Golden Bouncy Slime* Golden slime blob. Jumping on it launches you even higher in the air
Owl* Completely harmless owl that you'll probably kill anyway for the recognition, you monster...