Momodora III is the third game in the series developed by Bombservice.
Momodora iii boxart

The official game box art


Momodora III is a Mini Metroidvania sidescroller reminiscient of Cave Story.

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Momodora III follows the adventure of 2 characters (Momo and Dora) whose village has been attacked by demons.


Momodora III works very much the same as any retro sidescroller. The story is very linear; however, there is some back tracking and secrets making the game fit under the category of metroidvania. There are runes that hold secret messages in game as well as various items to collect that provide benefits to the character.


Momodora III has three different difficulty settings: Casual, Easy, and Hard.

  • In Casual Mode, your character will start with ten health and has rapid health regeneration.
  • In Easy Mode, your character will start with five health and a ring that reduces damage taken by half and increases your invincibility frames after being hit.
  • In Hard Mode, your character will start with three health and has no extra benefits at the start of the game.