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Minoria, originally known as the placeholder name, Semilla, is a game made by the Momodora development team, Bombservice, and a spritual successor of these games.

Initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2019, it has since been ported to systems such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


Like Bombservice's previous series Momodora, Minoria is a Single-Player side-scrolling game in the metroidvania genre. The game's story follows Sister Semilla, a nun of The Inquisition, who, along with her assistant Sister Anna Fran, has traveled to Orimier, the capital city of Ramezia, to take part in the 4th Witch War. Taking the role of Sister Smilla, the player will explore a breadth of locations, fighting a variety of Bosses collecting Items along the way.

Notable Characters[]

Sister Semilla

Sister Anna Fran

Amelia Soritette

Poeme Soriette

Sister Devoir de Clairemont

Table of Contents[]

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