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Mai is a character from Momodora II. She is one of the few NPCs in the game.

She can be first seen in the starting room of Choele Choel. Once the player visits Rahart Hall she will move to the save point room in Rahart Hall. When the player collects the Twinkle Pendant and beats Eri she will appear in the Angelus Errare leading to Ivory Netherworld. Talking to her there will cause her to stop standing in Rahart Hall.

She has trouble getting past the force field blocking the way to the Ivory Netherworld. That could be because she comes from a different part of the world (that being Meikan) with different traditions and may not be familiar with the concept praying.


Choele Choel[]

Approaching her

Oh, a human? Ni hao... My name is Mai. I come from a far away land. I am here for the same reason as you. My people are threatened by the evil force coming from this temple... For some reason I cannot get to the source of the evil, though. I wonder why.

Talking to her

I can't believe how inefficient my kung-fu is here.

Rahart Hall[]

Talking to her

Oh, you again? I think you were from... KoHo, right? Sorry, I forgot your name so I quess you're not one to give a lasting impression Ah, Momo. Right. I still haven't progressed much on my mission... But I hope you are doing fine on yours. It doesn't really matter which one of us, or whoever else defeats the evil from this forsaken place. As long as that evil is gone, we will all be able to live in peace again.

Angelus Errare[]

Talking to her

It seems some kind of force prevents me from pushing onwards... So let be it. My duty is over, then... Momo... You are the only hope for my people and yours. Be careful, though... Can you hear those screams of pain and agony? It seems something or someone is in deep grief... Maybe only you can free that soul from such pain. Good luck... and may the Gods be with you.