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Lubella Dim[1], known in her boss battles as Lubella, the Witch of Decay is the boss of Karst City and Whiteleaf Memorial Park, and the master of Moka. She makes her first, and so far only appearance in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.

The reason for her appearance and her purpose in the story of the game are unknown, as are many of her aspects, such as her origin, and her link, if any, to the curse that plagues Karst City.


  • She died sometime before the events of the series, and what is shown in her boss battles is her undead form.[1]
    • Although she is shown to be in distress upon her defeat in Whiteleaf Memorial Park, and was never seen again, it is unknown if she was truly "killed" by her defeat.
  • Her goal is to usurp the throne of Karst.[1]
  • Her birthday is October 13th.[1]
    • As her age is unknown, so is her year of birth.
    • Due to her somewhat "spooky" nature, it is likely that whatever year she was born in had October the 13th fall on a Friday, lining up with superstitions around Friday the 13th.
  • She is mostly known as being a fanservice character, often played to comedic effect amongst the RUtM community.



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