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Isadora Doralina is a character from the Momodora series. She appears in Momodora I, Momodora II and Momodora III.


Isadora is a Kohonese shrine maiden/priestess who makes her first appearance in Momodora I.

A very grumpy and angsty girl. Spends a good amount of time with Momo, whenever the two of them have free time. Dora has lost her mother to local cultural sacrifices, which she doesn't believe in. Therefore, she works her religious duties purely by peer pressure. Although not a person of many friends, she always finds support from Momo's family. The marks on her face represent a sign of those who have been cursed.

rdein, Taken from Momodora III Manual.

Momodora I[]

Sometime before the events of the game, Isadora's mother was offered as a "Holy Sacrifice for the recreation of the world", an act which caused Dora to fall into despair and began to doubt the Shrine's teachings.

Desperate to find a way to resurrect her mother, Dora heared of the rumor of a forbidden item that is so powerful that it has the ability to resurrect the dead; for a certain price. Located deep within the forbidden sacred shrine Terra Alter. Despite warnings; Dora enters the shrine, armed with the Green Magic Leaf that has the ability to purify evil.

After battling her way deep into the cave, Dora finally arrives at the lair the Underworld Queen Lamia. After defeating her, Dora's mother appears as a spirit and tells her that she's glad that Dora cares about her so much and that she loves her, but tells her that she cannot be resurrected as she was chosen as a sacrifice for the recreation of the world, and as a last gift to Dora, she teleports her to the entrance of the shrine.

Momodora II[]

After the events of the first game, Dora is cursed for entering the forbidden shrine Terra Alter and becomes the new Underworld Queen and seeks to destroy the world.

She first appears before Momo after entering the Koho Fields, mocking Momo saying that it even wouldn't be fun to kill her.

There are two possible endings depending on whether Momo obtained the Green Leaf or not:

  • With the Green Leaf: After defeating Dora with the green leaf, a small cutscene plays with Dora's flashback of the events of Momodora I. With her soul purified and the Curse lifted, she apologises to Momo for everything shes done. This is considered the good ending.
  • Without the Green Leaf: Momo completes her mission after killing Dora with the red leaf. This is considered the bad ending.

Momodora III[]

Dora returns as a playable character alongside her friend, Momo.