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The Goddess of Death (also known as Rell) is the final boss in Momodora III.

After entering the room, you wander a little bit to the left and she will appear right behind you. She will talk to the character for a brief moment, before starting the fight.

The boss fight against Rell consists of three phases:

In the first phase, she will vanish after every attack, just to reappear nearby. She uses these three attacks in succession:

  • She will charge for a brief moment and then shoots three blue energy balls towards the character.
  • After that, she will charge again to conjure a tooth-shaped icicle at the characters position.
  • She finishes the cycle with another charge animation before creating a burst of blue energy.

After depleting her first life bar, she will regain another one. She will start to hover in place with a giant snowflake behind her and will use there two attacks while in this phase:

  • She will summon another array of energy balls, this time they're flying slowly into every direction of the screen. It might look dangerous, but the projectile speed makes dodging fairly easy.
  • Her second attack will spawn two snowflakes at set points which will collide in the middle. The attack is rather fast but also can't reach the character on certain points of the screen.

Two lifebars down, one to go. This time, Rell is getting serious, swinging a red scythe. Her two attacks this time are:

  • A jump forward, combined with a swing of her scythe. Dangerous up close, but completely useless on range.
  • if you get too much space between her and you, she will start using an enhanced version of the icicle attack from phase 1. The icicles are normally shaped, but she summons three instead of one.

After emptying this lifebar, she is down. At this point, you can decide to get the bad or good ending:

  • To receive the bad ending, just hit her while she is lying on the floor.
  • To receive the good ending, talking to her instead of hitting her.