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A Flying Bakman about to hit Momo

Flying Bakmen are enemies from Momodora II, found in Rahart Hall and Ivory Netherworld.

Flying Bakman is another example of the devs being resourceful with code, as it shares the same AI with two other enemies in the game, being Oro and Starcharm. It is notable for two things.

Firstly, it distinguishes itself with its hitbox. Its pivot point, once again, is aiming slightly above Momo. However, in this case, the hitbox extends much further down from the pivot, than with the other two. Meaning that once stabilised it does damage Momo.

Secondly, it differentiates itself with its health. Oro and Starcharm are on the complete end of the list of Momodora II enemies with the most health, sharing the last place with a bunch of other enemies. Flying Bakman, on the other hand, takes the longest to kill from the non-boss enemies.