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Momo I Dokor.png

The Dokor is a type of enemy from Momodora I. They appear in the last two areas.

Dokors resemble monoliths with an eye in the upper half and a bigger, wider eye underneath. The smaller eye stays open, while the bigger one closes when Dora is behind the Dokor. They do not move.

While the bigger eye is closed, they are completely defenceless. However, when they have the eye open, they can shoot flashing projectiles that pass through walls at you. This effectively makes them bulkier, static Paniquis that can only shoot under certain circumstances.

You can abuse the eye-closing mechanic to safely kill it. Just stand behind it and attack it until it dies. If the room layout doesn't allow you to stand at the same height as the Dokor you can try the Chaser Bazooka. Coincidentally, you can collect the bazooka around the same time you encounter the first Dokor.