Cotillard is a minor character in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. She's Paramol's master. She inhabits one of the "forbidden" areas of the Forlorn Monastery.

Visually, she resembles a stereotypical witch, and it's implied there's more to her than it appears. However, her role in the story is limited to giving the Monastery Key to Kaho and advising her to go to Karst Castle, with a warning.

She appears to have a mischievous and somewhat sinister personality, but also displays a degree of concern for the state of Karst and its inhabitants. Her room is full of cats, implying a fondness for felines.

Gallery Edit

Red eyed cotillard

Cotillard's red eyes

Trivia Edit

  • Cotillard's role in the story may be more significant than it appears, as she's been described as "different" and compared to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings by Rdein in this post.
  • During her first talk with Kaho, her eyes briefly flash red. No explanation is given for this.
  • She does not react differently if Kaho enters the room in her cat form.
  • Despite inhabiting the Forlorn Monastery, she appears to be unaffiliated to the Esselin faithful.