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The Bellflower is an active item found in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.

There are a total of ten Bellflower attainable over five different locations in game, and are found periodically throughout the adventure.

Though impractical, these can be obtained in any order, and give a set amount of uses.


First Bellflower

Located within the Sacred Ordalia Grove in a small cave halfway between the first room of the game and the first save point. This Bellflower uses a unique sprite that isn't used again. This Bellflower grants three uses.

Second Bellflower

The second Bellflower is located between the first save point in Karst City and the first Lubella fight. In the room with the girl repeating "Make it stop.", it sits at the end of a short corridor just below a Witch, as the priestess approaches it, an Alchemist will spawn behind them, potentially killing unwitting players. This Bellflower grants two uses.

Third Bellflower

Starting from the save point in Whiteleaf Park before the second Lubella fight, if the player heads up and then to the right, they will find this Bellflower at the end of a short gauntlet of enemies. This Bellflower grants two uses.

Fourth Bellflower

See Ivory Bugs. This Bellflower grants two uses. (Ten Ivory Bugs are needed)

Fifth Bellflower

The final Bellflower is found in Karst Castle. From the first save point in Karst Castle (The one you can warp to.) head up one room (requires the shortcut be unlocked) and then head right, cross the bridge, jump over the spike pits, and then head right again until you reach a path that takes you down. Head to the bottom of this path, then head left. Nestled against the far wall, the final Bellflower sits. This Bellflower grants one use.


The Bellflower is the basic healing item, it will heal the priestess by 30% of their max HP when used, Due to it's relatively short usage time and plentiful number, Bellflowers are a key component of succeeding in the player's adventure.

Using it in a boss fight, even when at full health, will make the player unable to attain the no-hit boss item.

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