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BAK is a recurring enemy in the Momodora series.

Momodora II[]

A trio of BAK, waiting for an opportunity.

Similar to the non-capital Bak from Momodora I, BAK hangs in the air, waiting for someone to pass, with the only difference being that BAK spin while the Momo I Baks are perfectly still. Upon seeing a target, the BAK will come plummeting down, trying to damage whatever it can get. After that, it will rise up again, only to try the attack again later.

BAK are also used as a throwing weapon by Bakmen in almost every game. Also, the Underworld Queens and the Bakman Patch use attacks that look similar to BAK.

Momodora III[]

Momo III Fallen BAK.png

BAK can also be found in Momodora III. In this iteration of the game, BAK can be found in both Old Madryn and the Dim Hideout.

The BAK in Old Madryn are coming out of spawners. They spawn endlessly out of blocks with some seconds of delay and disappear at the bottom of the screen.

The version found in the Dim Hideout is similar to the BAK that can be encountered in Momodora II, but Momo III BAKs are not dragging themselves up again after falling; they just stay stuck in the ground.