Arthropod Demon Edea

Arthropod Demon Edea is the first boss in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. She can be found at the end of the Sacred Ordalia Grove.

Being the first boss in the game, Edea is obviously a relatively easy boss. That being said, she is able to inflict poison damage over the course of the fight, which can severely damage your health. The majority of her body is resistant to damage, aside from her head and the sphere at the end of her body. Hitting Edea's sphere during the fight will deal exceptionally more damage.

Edea has four attacks in total, which you can see in the gallery to have an idea how they look like.

  • Her first attack makes her move forward; she then swings her tail in your direction. You can dodge this attack by jumping, but if you know the range, you can stay on the ground and hit the orb at the end of her body.
  • The second attack makes her spew a poisonous cloud. The attack itself deals no damage, but standing in it will obviously poison you.
  • Her third attack consists of a swipe she is doing with her claws. She only uses this attack if you are or were near to her at the start of her attack choice. Can be easily dodged by rolling away.
  • The last attack in her arsenal makes her spit a poison bomb at a certain range. The hit of the ball damages and poisons, but the cloud that stays in the impact zone will obviously poison as well.

If the player manages to defeat Edea without taking damage, they will receive Edea's Pearl.

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