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Like many other games on Steam, the Momodora series also has achievements.

Momodora III[]

The third installment of the Momodora series has 8 Steam Achievements.

Picture Name Description Info
Achievement Destroyer of Owls.png
Destroyer of Owls Kill the innocent owl in Belltower Garden. In Belltower Garden, in the room in the middle of the area which contains a Golden Bouncy Slime, look into the upper left corner. The Owl sits on two green blocks. Throw a ranged attack in its direction and it will die instantly, dropping a huge amount of money.
Achievement Mariel Saved!.png
Mariel Saved! Kill Bakrog Demon within 30 minutes and then talk to Mariel. Reach Artemisia's Grave and talk to Mariel. After that, defeat the Bakrog Demon. Go back to the room Mariel stands in and talk to her to unlock the achievement.

If you needed more time than 30 minutes, Mariel corpse will lie on the floor where she normally stands.

Achievement Stable Time Loop.png
Stable Time Loop Defeat Haegok. To get this achievement, you have to reach the Distortion in Time. Speak with Melilot, whenever you have the chance to (First time at the end of Ishlith Shrine, second time in the Dim Hideout in the most upper right room, third time in the Belltower Garden right before the boss room). After talking to her at every location, fight against Poetelia in Belltower Garden. After winning the battle, she will give you the Owl Badge. Give Melilot the Badge to receive the Karstian Seed. Warp back to the entrance of Belltower Garden, then jump up to the left room. Stand on to up the hill in the pillar of light and press up to spawn the door to the Distortion of Time. Once you arrived there, Kaho will talk to you. Go to the right to spawn Haegok and defeat him.
Achievement Speedrunner.png
Speedrunner Finish the adventure within 25 minutes. Self-explanatory. Finish the entire game within 25 minutes. The timer is stopped after finishing the third phase of the end boss fight and then talking to/killing Rell, Goddess of Death.
Achievement Good Ending.png
Good Ending Watch ending "A". After defeating Rell, Goddess of Death, press "Up" to talk to her. She will disappear and an animal-like creature will appear in front of you.
Achievement Bad Ending.png
Bad Ending Watch ending "B". After defeating Rell, Goddess of Death, press the attack button to kill her.
Achievement Pacifist.png
Pacifist Finish the adventure without murdering any common enemy. Also self-explanatory. The only thing that you are allowed to kill are bosses. Be extra careful when fighting Poetelia, since she will start spawning Ladybugs upon falling below 50% health; killing those will count as murdering a common enemy and will therefore block the achievement.

While not necessarily needed, Casual mode can really help in getting this achievement.

Achievement Golden Ladybird.png
Golden Ladybird Find the golden ladybird in Belltower Garden! In Belltower Garden, whenever a Ladybug spawns, it has a chance of being a golden one. Upon killing it, it will drop a huge amount of money and the achievement will be unlocked.

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight[]

The fourth Momodora, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, has a total of 9 Steam Achievements.

Picture Name Description Info
Achievement True Ending.png
True Ending Watch the True Ending. To unlock the true ending, you first need to obtain the Sealed Wind in the Royal Pinacotheca. Afterwards, go to Karst City to the room with the small windmill. Activate the Sealed Wind closeby; the small passage under it should open up. Activate the Cat Sphere to walk into it. You'll land in a pond of Hibisco tea. Bathe the leaf in it to upgrade it and kill the last boss with that leaf instead of the normal one to get the true ending and therefore the achievement.
Achievement P-pleasegiveittome!.png
P-pleasegiveittome! In the Subterranean Grave, near the save point is a space which can only be reached via using the Cat Sphere. In that tiny space grows the Dirty Shroom. Give this Shroom to the Imp Girl, that is sitting in a dead-end in the Sacred Ordalia Grove and she will trade this Shroom with 3 Rotten Bellflowers. Accepting the trade will unlock the achievement.
Achievement Faithful.png
Faithful Defeat Archpriestess Choir. To fight Archpriestess Choir, you have to give her the item Soft Tissue. The item can be found in the Forlorn Monastery near the Room where one has to fight Pardoner Fennel. In the room after the save point, go down the stairs, use the Cat Sphere and get the Soft Tissue. Bring this item back to her (she stands right at the save point you teleport to if you choose Forlorn Monastery) and you will unlock her boss room, which you can reach from your position in the following way: Go right, down, and right again. The battle starts when you run deep enough into the room. Defeat her and the achievement is yours.
Achievement Healthy!.png
Healthy! Find all Vitality Fragments. Self-explanatory. Collect all health upgrades in the game. Upon collecting the last one, you gain the achievement.
Achievement Explorer.png
Explorer Complete 100% of the map. Self-explanatory. Visit every room in the game at least once to mark it on your map. The only exception to this is the door in the monastery which will state ????? if used. This door will unlock after the map is completed.
Achievement Bug Collector.png
Bug Collector Find all Ivory Bugs and bring them to the bunny florist. There's a total of 20 Ivory Bugs in the game which you have to collect and bring to the Bunny Florist, who is located in the Whiteleaf Memorial Park. The Bunny Florist will give you items for delivering certain numbers of bugs. The achievement will be unlocked upon delivering the last bug.
Achievement Pacifist Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight.png
Pacifist Finish a playthrough without killing any common enemies. Start a game in Easy Mode, then play it without ever killing any common enemy. Enemies that kill themselves, aswell as chests and barrels, do not count as a common enemy kill.
Achievement Imperishable.png
Imperishable Finish a playthrough without dying. Self-explanatory. Finish the game without dying once. Whenever you die, load the last save instead of simply continuing.
Achievement Don't even try this..png
Don't even try this! Finish a playthrough on "Insane" difficulty. Complete the game on Hard Mode. After finishing the game, the new difficulty Insane will be unlocked, where every hit is lethal. Complete the game on that difficulty to unlock the achievement.